Gratitude and Goals Moon Journal Undated

Gratitude and Goals Moon Journal Undated

Kira's Art

Inside this 28 page digital journal (soon to be in print too!) you'll find:

  • Instruction on the 8 major moon phases and how to work with them to guide you through 29 days of mindfulness
  • Guided prompts for the 8 phases of the moon
  • A Habit Tracker for 29 days of growth
  • An intention and goal setting spread, with instruction on how to set great goals and follow through
  • Places to track your Manifestations for the month
  • Space to write daily gratitude
  • and more :)

This journal is intended to be started on the New Moon. It is undated and since it's digital, you can use it again and again!

If you would like to go deeper into your moon journal practice, I create monthly journals that focus on the moon theme and major astrology of each month through the year, so please follow me for more information!

*Please note I've given you two files: a small one intended for use on a digital device, and If you would like to print your journal to use in your own binder, please download the larger file size. *No physical product will be shipped with this order.

This product is not currently for sale.